Klang The Band!

Yes, yes! You all heard it right, we are back in business as of the 8th of June 2016. Welcome to our old, but new website: Klang.org.uk

Klang - The High Horse

We’re not currently performing by any stretch of the imagination but we are looking into getting back into gigging around the country, it might be a while for all of you crazy fans to wait yet – but we’re just here to let you all know that you are in our minds and we are going to be back on stage very, very soon! In the meantime I am planning on keeping all of you updated on our progress, what sort of things we’ve been up to in the past few years and also when we are planning on playing our first gig. At the moment it is still very early days for us all, we have all grown old now, we are all dreaming big again and we do have the desire to play music back in our lives again. This is something that means a lot to each and every single one of us, this isn’t going to be a long shot dream that we never end up hitting, we are all full of motivation once again and are hoping to be back in front of the crowd by the end of the year at the latest. As for what our ambitions are, well we’re all quite a bit older now and much wiser too, unfortunately this means that we can’t set the expectation bar too high as we know that we will just end up being disappointed. However, we would love to get back to playing in front of big crowds, rather than just at small time venues for a bit of fun. For all of us, we would love to get enough recognition to be able to gig at a large festival in the UK or abroad if the chance ever does come our way. So if you are reading this, are a big fan of ours, and would have any form of connections to any events like this then please do get in touch with any of us. In terms of actually getting any albums released in the near future, this might be somewhat of a long shot for us given how long we have been out of the game, but we will try to as it is something that we have been talking about fairly recently. I think because we are all working it puts a bit of a strain on us, its not as easy to dedicate all of the time required any more, we are only playing on one week day evening and one week end night these days, quite a decline from when we were younger and playing almost every single night, all night long!

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