Travel and touring with a PS4

So yes, you’ve heard it folks! We have finally made a decision and will soon be leaving to travel and tour with the band yet again; I hope you guys are excited! Before we leave off we needed to decide on what we were going to bringing along with us on our trip. Now since we were likely to be stuck for room with what we can bring between us, we needed something that we would all enjoy and be able to use. Since we are all gamers in the band and love to play games such as grand theft auto, FIFA and many other games and genres we have decided to bring along a ps4. Now, one of us is actually a huge Xbox fan, but unfortunately since we were stuck for room we could not bring both! But then again it is just going to be there so we can kick back and relax after the gigs and shows we perform at.

PS4 Carrier

We haven’t yet left for our trip and are still deciding on what games and such to bring along with us so we’re open to suggestions for now until we leave. So far our list is at Guitar Hero Live, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Fifa 2015 and Batman: Arkham Knight! If you have any games that you think are worthy to bring along with us, feel free to leave a comment or email us and we will surely take a look! We really do love all genres of games from MMO and Action, to Racing and Shooters. We are also looking into the idea of getting the ne virtual reality system made for the ps4, we haven’t seen the games it provides access to yet but the idea sounds amazing!

To come back to the touring, we don’t yet have any confirmed dates or locations but we will keep you all informed on our whereabouts, as we’re still in the planning and talking stages. We have been in contact with some big UK Locations so hopefully if you’re in or close to a large arena we will hopefully see you at some upcoming events!

Finally, we have another announcement to make. Once this tour has completed we intend to release multiple singles and possible albums to follow. These will hopefully be released to all large retailers from all over the globe and we hope we can promote the band even further in the upcoming months! We look forward to seeing your responses this time around and hopefully we can see some great progress in your support. Furthermore we would like to see if we could get some input from you, the fans as to what types of music you would like us to be performing on tour. This can range from covers of other bands, covers of your submitted music and obviously our own tracks and singles. Obviously we will be playing at least some of our own music but if you prefer us to cover anything else, please do let us know!