Upcoming Documentary and Film and Song Releases

For all you eager fans out there, you will be glad to hear that after a lot of deep thought and consideration we will be continuing with our previous projects! Before we took a short break, we were working on projects varying from ten minute films and songs sent in from you loyal fans, to our own filmed documentary. Now, we are glad to be announcing that we are returning to these ventures and will be keeping you updated throughout the upcoming months!

Firstly, we will be reviewing our current footage and clips that we have already compiled together in our documentary and will then remove any unwanted footage and improve on its quality. Once we have a promising project we will announce and release a trailer for you guys to hopefully enjoy! A lot of hard work has already gone into creating these clips so I hope it will be as satisfying for you to see as it was for us to make.

Documentary Picture

Once we have finished our trailer and are happy with our progress on the website and documentary, we will then continue gathering the ten minute clips from all you fans again so we can begin recreating our ten minute song project and manifesto. We here at Klang pride ourselves in being reliable to our fans in producing amazing content for everyone who watches to enjoy! We hope that once you send in all your clips you will be satisfied with what we finally produce!

Having completed both the ten minute song project and manifesto and the documentary, we will finally work on our potential new song releases. We haven’t got any long term plans with our song releases as of yet but as they are still in the planning phase we will have to take these as a work in progress. But yes, we will definitely keep you informed and in the light about what we intend to do with all of our projects as and when we are doing them.

Now I know what you are all probably thinking… How can they promise so much in the future and not have anything to give to us yet? Now unfortunately since we have only just returned to the scene, we don’t have much to go on and are just lacking in experience in all areas. Give us time and I assure you that we will give you results and something you can all love and enjoy! We promise that once you send your clips to us we can create a great ten minute film and song manifesto.

Finally, alternatively to what we have previously stated, we have reconsidered and are contemplating the idea of touring once again! If we decide upon this, you can expect to see a schedule of where we plan to visit in the upcoming months. Therefore, keep yourself updated and revisit our site to see our decisions for the future!