Different places in your home to find various scrap metals

In the residences, there are different forms and types of scrap metals available in the various places. Most of the house owners are feeling bad because those metals are not in use at all. You can able to make more money with the scrap metals because many people need metal scraps for the different recycling processes. First, you should know where to find scrap metal in your home. Here are some of the top suggestions to search for the metal scraps in your living space to make money. You can find out more here: http://www.scrapmetalpricer.com.

Different places to look for scrap metals:

  • Kitchen – The first place in which you have to look for the different metal scraps will be a kitchen. You have to consider the various kitchen items such as,
  • Cast iron pans/pots
  • Faucets
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Aluminum cans and etc.

These types of kitchen items are most suitable to collect scraps which are wastes and not in use. When they are non-functional or you want to replace them, you can put the old one as the scrap and buy a new one for your kitchen. The old kitchen faucets, pans, and other metal items are really worthy to make money.

  • Another most common place in your home to find the scrap metals will be a living room. When you have the old television and couch in the living room, you can consider them for the scraps. The house owners can replace the new TV and couch and look for the old scrap to make some money. Other than these items, you can also look for the entry doors, door knobs, light fixtures, and the lamp bases which are made up of the aluminum or steel materials for the scraps.

Other places to find scraps in home:

Other than the living room and kitchen, you can look at the outdoor regions to find more amounts of scraps. You may think where to find metal scraps in your home outdoors. Garden and car garage are the best places to find more metal scraps in order to make real money from them.

  • Garden – You can look at the garden to find the old garden chairs & tables, and any other metals scraps to collect. When you are considering the metal chairs and tables for the scraps, you may also consider whether they are ferrous metals or non-ferrous metals. When they are ferrous metals, they are usually iron metal and also less valuable as the scraps. The non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, aluminum, and bronze have high values in the scrap yard.

Garage – Whenever you are looking into the car garage, you can find more amounts of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps in the forms of older bike/car parts, older oxidised tools, and more. The scrap yard will accept all these forms of these scrap metals for some amount. Look for the more metal scraps in home to get additional income from scrap recycling.

What is a current price of the scrap metals in USA?

Recycling is the best process of making the waste things in further use to save time, money, and also the environment. Most of the people heard that a process of recycling could be possible with the newspapers, plastic bottles, and glass containers. But it is proven that a recycling of the scrap metals is also possible now. In order to save the environment, recycling of the scrap metals such as copper, iron, titanium, aluminum, and more is very important all over the world. Recycling of the scrap metals is not only for protecting the environment but also to get more money in your wallet.

Recycling of scrap metals:

Many countries are involving in the recycling process of the metals such as aluminum, copper, iron, titanium, and more. According to the economy of the country and demands for the metal scraps, the prices will vary in the different countries. In the United States, there are a lot of people involving themselves in the business of recycling the metal scraps and earn more profits. Whenever you want to know the scrap metal prices in America, you first need to do a small research on the metal scrap business in the US.

The current price of the scrap metals actually trades just similar to the stock market in the entire America. It in fact means that the people who are all doing the scrap metals business will get the spot price to the copper, iron, and some other metal scraps. So, the price of those scrap metals will differ every day. According to the region and local demand, there are the different prices for the different scrap metals in the states and cities of USA.

Prices of the different scrap metals:

When the US scrap market is considered, the different types of materials will have the different market prices. The prices of the top 3 scrap metals in America are listed here with the necessary details.

  • Stainless steel – The different numbers of assigned to the stainless steel scrap metals according to their material quality and reflection of actual alloy. This number series will actually range from 100 to 600 with the particular numbers assigned to the each metal.
  • Copper – The copper metal is basically separated into tubing, roofing, and also wire categories. Each of them is graded with the # 1, # 2, and # 3 rating. The grade one copper might be in the best scrap prices at $ 2.20 per pound. The roofing copper metals are actually grade 3 copper which would be sold at the price of $ 1.50 per pound. There are also some of the scrap copper metals with the tar which could be found from the local dealers. These are only average prices but they will vary according to the market rate and demand.
  • Aluminum – It is a unique type of scrap metal coming in the various forms. The aluminum alloy metals such as # 6061 and # 6063 usually have the unstable spot prices in the US market.

Games We’ve Been Playing on our PS4

So as you all know we are all massive video game fans and have actually been at the E3 conference over in Hollywood this past week. We managed to find a PS4 CFW from Jail-breaks.com. We’ve been looking at all the new releases like children in a candy shop. There are so many cool things coming out and we are all very excited about some of them in particular. We are mainly focused on console gaming and will be for the foreseeable future, particularly after the recent announcement of the 4K ready consoles that will be coming out very shortly. We’re exceptionally keen on testing out the new versions of the Xbox One and PS4 but they are going to have to hurry up and get them out sooner rather than later before everybody starts a mass exodus over to the PC or a Nintendo Wii U.


There’s a lot of things that we would like to see get improved before the next generation consoles are released, I think the majority of these fixes need to be focused upon getting virtual reality out there to the masses and with actual story driven games too. At the moment the games on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are pretty rubbish, we’ve not seen anything like what we would like to see. Games are like what you see on the Wii and Wii U consoles and don’t have much depth to them at all. Hopefully in a year or two we will see some good games coming out that we will enjoy playing on virtual reality headsets of the future. Maybe we will try the new ones out, or maybe not, but what we know for certain is that we will be testing out all of them before spending hundreds of pounds of our hard earned money on it. If you have a PS4 at the moment and want to try out some new games.

I’ve done a lot of reading about learning how to jailbreak PS4 and figured out that it is definitely beneficial for you to do, but we’re confident that it will be better than Xbox One and also the Xbox 360 versions that are available at this current moment.

Travel and touring with a PS4

So yes, you’ve heard it folks! We have finally made a decision and will soon be leaving to travel and tour with the band yet again; I hope you guys are excited! Before we leave off we needed to decide on what we were going to bringing along with us on our trip. Now since we were likely to be stuck for room with what we can bring between us, we needed something that we would all enjoy and be able to use. Since we are all gamers in the band and love to play games such as grand theft auto, FIFA and many other games and genres we have decided to bring along a ps4. Now, one of us is actually a huge Xbox fan, but unfortunately since we were stuck for room we could not bring both! But then again it is just going to be there so we can kick back and relax after the gigs and shows we perform at.

PS4 Carrier

We haven’t yet left for our trip and are still deciding on what games and such to bring along with us so we’re open to suggestions for now until we leave. So far our list is at Guitar Hero Live, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Fifa 2015 and Batman: Arkham Knight! If you have any games that you think are worthy to bring along with us, feel free to leave a comment or email us and we will surely take a look! We really do love all genres of games from MMO and Action, to Racing and Shooters. We are also looking into the idea of getting the ne virtual reality system made for the ps4, we haven’t seen the games it provides access to yet but the idea sounds amazing!

To come back to the touring, we don’t yet have any confirmed dates or locations but we will keep you all informed on our whereabouts, as we’re still in the planning and talking stages. We have been in contact with some big UK Locations so hopefully if you’re in or close to a large arena we will hopefully see you at some upcoming events!

Finally, we have another announcement to make. Once this tour has completed we intend to release multiple singles and possible albums to follow. These will hopefully be released to all large retailers from all over the globe and we hope we can promote the band even further in the upcoming months! We look forward to seeing your responses this time around and hopefully we can see some great progress in your support. Furthermore we would like to see if we could get some input from you, the fans as to what types of music you would like us to be performing on tour. This can range from covers of other bands, covers of your submitted music and obviously our own tracks and singles. Obviously we will be playing at least some of our own music but if you prefer us to cover anything else, please do let us know!


Upcoming Documentary and Film and Song Releases

For all you eager fans out there, you will be glad to hear that after a lot of deep thought and consideration we will be continuing with our previous projects! Before we took a short break, we were working on projects varying from ten minute films and songs sent in from you loyal fans, to our own filmed documentary. Now, we are glad to be announcing that we are returning to these ventures and will be keeping you updated throughout the upcoming months!

Firstly, we will be reviewing our current footage and clips that we have already compiled together in our documentary and will then remove any unwanted footage and improve on its quality. Once we have a promising project we will announce and release a trailer for you guys to hopefully enjoy! A lot of hard work has already gone into creating these clips so I hope it will be as satisfying for you to see as it was for us to make.

Documentary Picture

Once we have finished our trailer and are happy with our progress on the website and documentary, we will then continue gathering the ten minute clips from all you fans again so we can begin recreating our ten minute song project and manifesto. We here at Klang pride ourselves in being reliable to our fans in producing amazing content for everyone who watches to enjoy! We hope that once you send in all your clips you will be satisfied with what we finally produce!

Having completed both the ten minute song project and manifesto and the documentary, we will finally work on our potential new song releases. We haven’t got any long term plans with our song releases as of yet but as they are still in the planning phase we will have to take these as a work in progress. But yes, we will definitely keep you informed and in the light about what we intend to do with all of our projects as and when we are doing them.

Now I know what you are all probably thinking… How can they promise so much in the future and not have anything to give to us yet? Now unfortunately since we have only just returned to the scene, we don’t have much to go on and are just lacking in experience in all areas. Give us time and I assure you that we will give you results and something you can all love and enjoy! We promise that once you send your clips to us we can create a great ten minute film and song manifesto.

Finally, alternatively to what we have previously stated, we have reconsidered and are contemplating the idea of touring once again! If we decide upon this, you can expect to see a schedule of where we plan to visit in the upcoming months. Therefore, keep yourself updated and revisit our site to see our decisions for the future!

Klang The Band!

Yes, yes! You all heard it right, we are back in business as of the 8th of June 2016. Welcome to our old, but new website: Klang.org.uk

Klang - The High Horse

We’re not currently performing by any stretch of the imagination but we are looking into getting back into gigging around the country, it might be a while for all of you crazy fans to wait yet – but we’re just here to let you all know that you are in our minds and we are going to be back on stage very, very soon! In the meantime I am planning on keeping all of you updated on our progress, what sort of things we’ve been up to in the past few years and also when we are planning on playing our first gig. At the moment it is still very early days for us all, we have all grown old now, we are all dreaming big again and we do have the desire to play music back in our lives again. This is something that means a lot to each and every single one of us, this isn’t going to be a long shot dream that we never end up hitting, we are all full of motivation once again and are hoping to be back in front of the crowd by the end of the year at the latest. As for what our ambitions are, well we’re all quite a bit older now and much wiser too, unfortunately this means that we can’t set the expectation bar too high as we know that we will just end up being disappointed. However, we would love to get back to playing in front of big crowds, rather than just at small time venues for a bit of fun. For all of us, we would love to get enough recognition to be able to gig at a large festival in the UK or abroad if the chance ever does come our way. So if you are reading this, are a big fan of ours, and would have any form of connections to any events like this then please do get in touch with any of us. In terms of actually getting any albums released in the near future, this might be somewhat of a long shot for us given how long we have been out of the game, but we will try to as it is something that we have been talking about fairly recently. I think because we are all working it puts a bit of a strain on us, its not as easy to dedicate all of the time required any more, we are only playing on one week day evening and one week end night these days, quite a decline from when we were younger and playing almost every single night, all night long!